C3L2: Security Check Point

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Security Checkpoint

C4L2: Security Check Point is the twenty-second level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the second level of the third chapter (map name: 17_entrance). It marks the beginning of Caleb's journey into CabalCo headquarters.

Loading Screen Text/Objectives[edit]

Level 2: Security Check Point

Worried about your future? Did the other students terrorize you at your high school? Are you in need of a truly challenging career? Then join the ranks of Cabalco's Security Division. You don't know what a challenging day is... unless you've spent it naked-and-sweltering, inside a small, dark, nearly-airless-metal-box with only your feeble grip on sanity, and a couple o' dozen hungry rats to keep you company! But enough about me! Our intense regimen of general-degradation and sock-beatings will make you feel like a new man, or woman! At the end of our 12 step program you'll be handed a big gun and given daily life-and-death control over others! That'll show those small-minded bastards you went to school with!

Cabalco HQ Entrance[edit]

Looks like this is the only way into the Cabalco Headquarters. Try and make your way past the security gates without too much carnage.


"Smash the boxes to your left (normally these colored boxes can't be smashed), then walk past the security checkpoint and down the ramp into the parking lot. Find the elevator and take it down into the facility. Follow the hall and enter the first door you see. Walk down the steps and activate the panel in front of you. A security door will open up in the hall. Walk back out to the hall, and follow the hall to your right, and enter the newly opened security door. There's a door and an elevator here. If you'd like some supplies, go through the door and smash up the office you'll find down there. Afterwards, enter the elevator and ride it up to one of the guardhouses next to the starting point. Climb up the ladder, walk over to the other guardhouse, and down the ladder. Pick up the Level3 keycard, and retrace your steps to the security door you opened earlier (it's a little easier to just jump down and re-enter the facility through the parking lot elevator). Continue further down the hall (you'll find some dorm rooms over on your left which have some supplies) and go through the door. Follow the hall to your left and enter the first door you find. Pick up the Vulcan Cannon and use the boxes to jump up the upper level. Go down the stairs and follow the hall to your right. Enter the first door you see and go down the ladder. Make your way through around the toxic pits and climb the ladder to end the level."Baytor's Guide


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