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Cabal Safehouse

C2L2: Cabal Safehouse is the thirteenth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen, and the second level of the second chapter (map name: 09_abandoned_buildings). It consists of a trek through a dilapadated apartment tenement, to the roof for a cinematic confrontation with Gideon, and then back down to the sewers.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 2: Cabal Safehouse

Trains used to be so much more gracious. These days it's all one can do to avoid being killed on one. There are very few things that seem to relieve tension better than blowing the living, er... um, bits out of the opposition. These Cabal Safehouses look like the epitome of luxury... the stench, the appointments, the rats, the ambiance, and the winos. And speaking of appointments, Gideon should be around here somewhere. That is a rendezvous that ought to be more fun than target practice on winos. Wheeeeee!

The chase continues![edit]

Find Gideon in the condemned Cabal safehouse.


This entire section of the city is overrun, and the only way out was through the subway, which is now destroyed. Use the basement entrance in the alleyway nearby to get away.


Gideon escapes to a Helicopter
Ishmael talks with Caleb

"Climb out of the over-turned train, and jump on top of it. Make your way to the front of the train. Before jumping down, take care of the Thieves (they make a distinctive sound, learn to recognize it). Jump down, and make your way to the subway platform. Jump up on it and make your way outside. Go up the steps to the Safehouse and enter the first set of doors. Push the intercom, and someone will buzz you up. Go through the next door, and up the stairs. Find the lobby with the soda machines (be sure to search the rooms next to this area). Enter the lobby, and you'll see two paths. If you'd like a new toy to play with, follow the path to your left. After getting it, go back to the lobby and take the right-hand path. Search the rooms for supplies (including a Life Seed and a Medkit), then take the stairs up the second floor. Make your way across the second floor (only the room without the door has anything useful in it) until you get to the door marked "Roof Access." Go through the door, and head up to the roof. Note: You might want to save your game before you go through the door at the top of the stairs. Just like the original Blood, B2 has the door-killer bug. It's possible that you'll find yourself dead after the cutscene that activates when you go through the door. After meeting an old friend, quickly go back through the door you just came through (there's some shotgun shells on the roof, but it's probably not worth the effort). Make your way back downstairs and back outside. Next to the pay phone ('Wolfman's got Nards') is a newly opened tunnel. Walk down the alley (there's some ammo in one of the boxes here, the only stash on this level) until you get to the door. Go through it, and into a storeroom (don't get your hopes up, there's nothing in these boxes). Go down both sets of steps, and go under the landing. There's a secret room with a Necroward. After you get it, go back up one set of steps, and through the door. To your right are some Thieves, and a room with Freddy Kruger's glove. Head down the passage to your left until you get to the ladder. Climb down. Side Trip: Jump into the corrosive liquid (don't worry, it won't hurt you). To your left is a passage. Turn on your flashlight, and swim into it. Inside, you'll find a Life Seed. Turn around, and swim back out. Find the door on the right side of the room, and go through it. Follow the passage along, but be wary of the Thieves that are near the niche with all the goodies. Keep going down this passage until the level ends."--Baytor's Guide

Caleb enters an apartment building and heads towards the roof. Gideon, the Mad Scientist, and the Prophet are all waiting there for him.

GIDEON: This better work this time.
MAD SCIENTIST: Trust me, my calculations are perfect this time.

The Prophet fires the Singularity Generator again, creating a portal. Just as before, a figure familiar to them all emerges.

GIDEON: Ishmael!
ISHAMEL: This is a surprising development.

Gideon and the others hop on board a helicopter. Through the loudspeaker, Gideon announces:

GIDEON: You were lucky this time, betrayer. In a few hours everything will fall back into order and I'll be rid of you forever. But now, I must take my leave. Don't worry though, my troops will keep you company. Play nice.

They fly away, leaving Ishmael and Caleb on the roof.

ISHMAEL: Having a bad day?
CALEB: You have no idea.
ISHMAEL: Do you understand how much damage you're doing?
CALEB: You bet, I'm just getting warmed up.
ISHMAEL: That's not what I mean. You are The One That Binds. Sooner or later, you'll have to face that.
CALEB: I am denial. I'll face nothing.
ISHMAEL: Then know this – we are the Chosen. We are here for you whether you like it or not.
CALEB: I don't need babysitting.
ISHMAEL: Oh yes, yes, Ophelia too. She was the first to come through. Oh-hoh, I wouldn't miss this for the world. Then again, you just might end up destroying it.

Caleb goes back down the stairs, exits the building, and heads for the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons present[edit]


Fun Stuff[edit]

  • In a long corridor, there are two twin girls in identical dresses. If Caleb approaches them, they will disappear, making them hard to spot if the player moves in on them too fast. However, they can be viewed in detail with the sniper rifle scope or binoculars. The girls are a reference to The Shining.
  • There is an axe in the door upstairs. When player approaches it, Caleb says "Get ready for a surprise. Heeeere is Caleb!". This is also reference to The Shining.
  • Upon leaving the subway station, Caleb comments "I'm not a bad dream, I'm your worst nightmare!" as a reference to Rambo.

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