C1L7: Movin' On Up

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Movin' On Up

C1L7: Movin' On Up is the seventh level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 05_cdmb). It is uncharacteristically short, consisting of little else than a long elevator ride and a "boss" fight. This level was the second and final part of the Blood II demo.

Loading Screen Text/Objectives

Level 7: Movin' On Up

Gideon is headed for one of the executive airships docked at the top of the building. It is obviously time to stop pounding back so much charred flesh at the corner Beefy Queen, 'cuz you ain't in proper shape to take the stairs. Interestingly, Gideon has also been taking his fair share of meat at the BQ, and thus he's had to install express elevators in each of his skyscrapers. Not having to walk up the thousand-plus floors is a kindness if only you could figure out how to turn off that infernal music!

Prophets of Doom

One of Gideon's personal bodyguards is near. You'll have to get through him if you want a shot at the Big Cheese.


"Wait for the elevator to get to the top. Hum along to the delightful muzak, or take out your pent up aggression on the pretty helicopters buzzing around the building. In any event, you'll soon find yourself at the top. Walk around (blowing up the soda machines to collect a couple of items), and open the metal doors. Prepare yourself for a battle with a Prophet. Once you vanquish him, the entrance to the airship will open up. Walk toward the airship to end the level."--Baytor's Guide

Caleb rides up the express elevator (for a looooong time), until he reaches the top floor, which is a hangar and launching pad for a Cabalco Airship. In the hangar, Caleb spies a Prophet holding a Tesla Cannon on an elevated catwalk.

CALEB: The choice is yours: walk now and live, stay and die.
PROPHET: I'm staying.
CALEB: Then you're dying.

Caleb fights and kills the Prophet, then runs out the hangar to catch the airship.

Enemies Present

Weapons present

Fun Stuff

See Also: References in Blood

  • "Movin' On Up" is the theme song of the Norman Lear situation comedy The Jeffersons, which refers to the upward social mobility of an African American family.
  • The loading screen text mentions a restaurant called "Beefy Queen", probably a reference to Dairy Queen restaurants.
  • It is possible to destroy the two helicopters flying around the building, by shooting at them (through the glass).
  • The Blood II REZ file contains some dialogue that was cut from the final game.
    • CIVILIAN: Man, one time I had this really good cup of coffee. It was so good!
    • CIVILIAN: Can't beat a good cup of coffee.

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