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This page lists all the known bugs in Blood. For issues that have been patched in official releases, see Changelog.txt.

Version 1.11[edit]

In E1M3: Phantom Express it is possible to survive jumping off of the front of the train if you do it quickly enough. There is also a spot you can go where the train will not come and hit you. In addition, there is another glitch in which one of the zombies that emerge from the coal car will already be emerged and standing dormantly between the coal car and engine on the right side of the train. It will not interact with the player unless they walk up to the coal car at the point where it was intended to emerge, at which point it will begin attacking like usual. It can also be killed easily. Fans have come to refer to it as the blind zombie bug.

In E2M4: The Overlooked Hotel, the player can pass through the gate before the end of the level, by crawling, without the moon key. Also the intermission screen states that there are 17 secrets, although there are actually 19.

In E2M5: The Haunting, there is a fireplace that contains a secret. Each time you visit the secret, it credits you, artificially inflating the total at the end of the level.

In E4M5: Fire and Brimstone, the skull key, which is vital for completing the level normally, is nowhere to be found.

In E5M2: Old Opera House, there is a secret which will not increase the secrets count, possibly due to a bug, so your best possible score will be a total of 3/4 secrets at the end of the level.

In E6M1: Welcome To Your Life (Plasma Pak Episode), directly behind you from where you spawn there is an alley way with a back entrance and a zombie. Killing the zombie, regardless of the weapon used, always results in his corpse and drop/loot items disappearing through the floor. It is also possible to, if walking at the right angle, shoot to the top of the stairs when approaching them from the side almost as if the eva gall cheat is activated.

Version 1.21 (One Unit: Whole Blood)[edit]

The games intro logos (Monolith & GTi) do not play regardless of weather or not you have the smaker video and wav audio files copied to your disk. They may have been intentionally disabled by Monolith to solve VESA issues (Check the game's included readme.txt file, section "CHANGING VIDEO MODES" and "MATROX MILLINEUM" & "MYSTIQUE"), though this is just a theory by some. See more here.

If you play cooperative multiplayer with respawning monsters, the game will crash with "src\actor.cpp(1801): Unexpected type in ConcussSprite(): Sprite: #### Type: 0 Stat: 6". It is because the little spiders' type will be 0 for some reason when monster respawning is turned on. You can encounter this bug easily on E2M8: The Lair of Shial for example. This way the game is unbeatable in coop with respawning monsters.

Your portable items in your inventory will be replenished on every new map start (except Doctor's Bag).

Flaming Little Calebs and Innocents won't move around, just running in one place and then die.

Cheogh's eye color was meant to be blue when he is firing his projectiles, but since that monster type has the gray palette applied to it, it will be gray. It is because Cheogh is brown in the art files, but when he is firing then he is gray with blue eyes. The gray palette is applied all the time hence his eyes will be gray.

While you crouch, Cheogh can't attack you.

You can kill Shial or any mother spiders with a single shotgun alternate fire by shooting her from the air up-close. This bug has been introduced in version 1.01.

Cerberus at the 3rd boss fight (E3M7: The Pit of Cerberus) is just spinning on the lava in one place.

Tchernobog is super weak due to variable overflow. He was intended to be 25x stronger but the variable couldn't hold such a huge number and therefore he became very weak (compared to other bosses and monsters).

The Beast (final boss of Plasma Pak) cannot attack you after it goes out of water. If it goes under the water, it will have swimming animation, although when it goes back to surface it will stay in its swimming animation but it won't be able to attack you. In the original levels the Beast is only on one level where there is no water, but this bug can be triggered on custom maps (e.g. in Death Wish).

You can fire twice with the Napalm Launcher even if you have only 1 ammo left when you have the Akimbo power-up.

If you have Akimbo power-up and you have 5 shotgun ammo, 2 guns will be displayed. After you go below 4, only 1 gun will be displayed and used. This is fine. But after you pick up some more shotgun ammo while still having the guns akimbo it won't change back to 2 guns, only if you switch to another weapon and then back to shotgun.

The Flare Gun has a glitch too regarding Akimbo power-up: it shows only 1 gun if you have more than 1 ammo if you had only 1 before. But when you fire it will show 2 guns only while shooting.

If you kill flesh gargoyles which were statues with the pitchfork, their corpse will just disappear after they die. At CP03: Gothic Library beginning for example.

Axe Zombies will gib to gargoyle gibs or flames if they have the proximity flag set. For example the first zombie on E6M1: Welcome To Your Life: kill it with Flare Gun secondary and sometimes it will gib to flesh gargoyle gibs.

Little Calebs will turn into large flameguys if you ignite them with Aerosol Can for example.

Sometimes monsters will be flameguys for endless time and they won't die, just running around flaming, possibly igniting other stuff what they touch meanwhile.

When you save a game and press enter after you named the save game slot, the currently selected inventory will be activated (if inventory use is set to enter).

If you have the Reflective Shots power-up and you go underwater and activate the Diving Suit, then the reverb sound effect will turn off if you deactivate the Diving Suit. The same happens if you have the Diving Suit turned on but the Reflective Shots power-up wears off meanwhile.

If you have the Diving Suit turned on or Reflective Shots power-up and then load a game or go to the next map, then the reverb sound effect will stay, despite you don't have the Diving Suit activated and you don't have Reflective Shots anymore.

The help says if you press F8 then the video mode settings should pop up, but instead, the options menu pops up, the very same menu pops up if you press F5.

The "tilt left/right" keys do not work, because the functionality is removed or they forgot to implement it. It was still available (but buggy) in Blood Alpha.

You can send empty messages in chat.

If a player kills itself in multiplayer, other players will see only an empty line at the messages.

In coop, killing bats and rats earn points, but in single player they don't count as kills. It also earns a point if you kill your teammate in coop.

In underwater, you can ignite Axe Zombies, while you can't ignite cultists.

In underwater, you can set yourself on fire by the Napalm Launcher, while you can stop flaming if you were set on fire on the ground and then jumping into the water.

The KRUEGER cheat code gives you 12 fire armor instead of 200 due to a coding mistake. Because of this, you will die from the fire, despite the "FLAME RETARDANT" text.

The CALGON cheat code doesn't work anymore as it should (ending the current level), instead it works like MARIO.

The LARA CROFT cheat code will cause the game hang because getting into an infinite loop: if you type twice the LARA CROFT cheat code and then pressing the next weapon button twice, the game will freeze. There is no next weapon to switch to and the game will search for a weapon endlessly.

The CHEESEHEAD and COUSTEAU cheat codes should give you 100% Diving Suit, but only the inventory indicator shows 100%, when you start using the item the old amount will be reduced.

The CLARICE cheat code should give you 100% armor for all three kind, instead it does nothing.

The FUNKY SHOES cheat code gives you Jump Boots but won't replenish it to 100% if you already have them. Typing it again should remove them ("You have no Jumping Boots.") but it won't.

The VOORHEES, ONERING, JOJO and TEQUILA cheat codes should work as a toggle, typing them twice should remove their effect, but it doesn't.

The EDMARK and KEVORKIAN cheat codes should kill you instantly, but if you have 200% fire armor (200% physical armor in case of KEVORKIAN) and 200% HP then you will survive.

The GATEKEEPER cheat code should take away your keys, but it doesn't do anything at all. The game will still say that you have cheated at the end of the map.

Attacking bats with the Voodoo Doll will not drain its ammo.

Cryptic Passage[edit]

The add-on's executable is incapable of passing arguments to the main Blood executable.

The add-on has issues running on machines with a 200MHz or faster processor.

In cooperative multiplayer, if you die at the end of the last level, you cannot get there anymore (because you can't call back the "ferry") and therefore the game is unbeatable in this case.

3DFX Beta Patch[edit]

Voxels are not supported.

Statusbar/HUD is scaled wrong as well as other graphical inconsistencies.

Memory leaks followed by constant crashes.

All Versions[edit]

The game's damage is scaled wrong when loading from a save (does not effect new games or starting from the beginning of a level). An unofficial patch to correct this issue was created by a user on gog.com but later abandoned due to other issues it caused. The thread can still be found here. An additional improvised fix/workaround can also be found here. This problem is corrected in BloodGDX, NBlood and the official Fresh Supply.

Not necessarily even a bug, but an annoying limitation of the Build engine none the less; standing in the opening of sliding doors (such as the mausoleum doors in Cradle to Grave) when they automatically close can result in instant death to monsters and players alike. With enough skill and good timing however, it can be an effective method for eliminating enemies on higher difficulties granted you can coax them into the doorways at the right time.

Games based on the Build engine (such as Blood) crash when used on systems with PCI sound cards.

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