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Bloody Pulp Fiction
Bloody Pulp Fiction

Developer: BPF Team ("Chosen")

Publisher: DeathMask, ModDB

Designer: Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: 1.2

Released: May 19, 2009

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread destruction and mayhem throughout... Deadland awaits Caleb as he is thrust into action once again by the determined Cabal who are stopping at nothing to kill, enslave, pillage, ravage, and bring forth unholy darkness in it's wake. Caleb, now in the present, wants nothing more than to avoid the Cabal and forget any ties to Tchernobog, but the world is Decaying as the Remnants of the Cabal spread through out the globe like a Cancer. " — Official description

Bloody Pulp Fiction

Bloody Pulp Fiction (also known as BPF) is a fan add-on for Blood with two new original episodes (the second in two separate parts) ranging from dilapidated carnivals, huge sea-faring ships, to old desert ghost towns long forgotten along Route 66. It was developed by Ryan "Wangho" Williams and RedFanatic with assistance from Diman (aka NoOne) of Alone in the Dark, first publicly announced on February 5, 2007 and finally released on May 19, 2009, with an updated version 1.2 following on June 13th. A remastered version is currently in the works by Wangho.


"Experience up to 18 levels of fast paced, adrenaline-soaked, bloodthirsty action in some of the most detailed and frantic maps ever made for Blood. Experience snowy cities, malls, dockside ports, graveyards, haunting forests, gigantic sea-faring ships, old forgotten towns along Route66, torture chambers, a dilapidated carnival site, Cabal strongholds, and much more." — Official description

The campaigns spans around 18 new maps in total, which were made in the style of "The Way of All Flesh" and Cryptic Passage. The first episode was designed by Ryan "Wangho" Williams, while the second was by RedFanatic (previously the author of Purgatory). The set also features the second version of the Alone in the Dark custom map and mod as the secret level of the third episode, complete with Voxel Pack assets. It is the largest and most notable add-on project that features new multimedia assets necessitating a, at least temporary, modification of the base game's assets. It was shipped with a DosBox enabled launcher for the convenience of Windows users, although this can cause problems for users of alternative platforms. A installer-free version is also available, allowing for original DOS play as well as DosBox on other platforms. Third party versions meant to be compatible with BloodGDX have also since been released.


Bloody Pulp Fiction

"Basically, the first episode is a tongue in cheek B-Movie Redneck Rampagish road trip stopping at many different locales such as carnivals, farmland barns, old desert ghost towns, swamps, and then in the second episode you move on to Deadland which takes a more serious tone and you must destroy the heart of the island to rid the world of the Cabal vermin."Wangho

The game is set in the present day at the time of release, in a world where the remaining parts of the Cabal are stretching out like a cancer attempting to enslave humanity. Caleb, who wants nothing more to do with the cult of Tchernobog, has to once again disrupt their plans.

Episode 1: Caleb's Road Trip[edit]

"Snow... never liked the stuff. Underneath this rotting carcass, the wet, icy wind carves through my bones, stiffening the joints. Ophelia is back at my side... motionless, her flesh black and blue, ahhhh.... but beautiful as ever! Still the apple of my eye! She keeps the faint spark alive within my chilled soul, but also the memories that murdered us many times over. The Cabal! Their numbers have dwindled and most of their Gods were vanquished, but still I stay hidden. Even though generations have passed, I know my name still echoes throughout their hallowed halls. It still rings within their robed ears. The cretins! On this day a peculiar feeling is sweeping over me. Normally, my arm hair would be raised on end, but it's long gone and in its absence are only the goose pimples. I can feel a tingling on the back of my neck. Ehhh... It's probably just the wind..." — Opening cutscene

Episode one opens with an animated sequence of Caleb sitting in his shipping container of a home, drinking whisky to forget the cold, the corpse of Ophelia Price his only company. In text, Caleb's internal monologue is spelled out, as he considers his situation, his past and a sudden sense of foreboding.

The game begins with the nearby area erupting with explosions, forcing Caleb to venture out and face the oncoming onslaught of Cabal forces. He trespasses through various locals, including a television and stereo store, Pickman's Rare Books and Maps, and various rooftops and alley ways, seeking transport (BPFE1M1: Cabalance). Caleb emerges out in a shopping mall, hoping to steal a car from the carpark. However, first he has to fight through the various closed shops, using vents and unreliable elevators to make his way through, with the sect sending in a troop of Cultists behind him (BPF02: Dreck The Halls). Caleb drives out through the mountains, chattering merrily to himself, until finally running out of gas (BPFE1M3: Altitude).

He seeks to find more from a nearby ghost town forever stuck in the 1960s, but ends up waylaid by voyages through the nearby cliffs, a reservoir under the abandoned inn and even a hidden sacrificial altar (BPFE1M4: Old Desert Town). Caleb descends down a forgotten mine shaft to a subterranean excavation of ancient ruins (finding references to beings called Typhon and Echinda to be shipped by train to the Charon), before finally returning to the surface and getting into the locked gas station (BPF05: Far Below). Back on the open road, Caleb listens to a recipe on the radio (BPF06: Countryside Drive), before finally arriving just outside a corn field maze. This leads to a fanatic infiltrated barn and hayloft, with Caleb intricately jumping from bale to haystack while navigating farm machinery, before finally facing a Beast while restoring power to the grain silo (BPF07: Cultists Of The Corn).

Caleb drives some more until he arrives at an impasse, and so proceeds into the swamp seeking an alternate route, raiding some cabins and doing away with Cabal river patrols (BPF08: Swampgas). Here he arrives at a fork, either proceeding directly into a crypt, or first being waylaid further into the forest, coming across an evocatively haunted retreat (BPF13: Within The Woods). Either way, Caleb awakens from a spectral encounter to find himself in a massive mortuary and graveyard complex, requiring him to trek through many a tomb, sepulchre and mausoleum (BPF09: Grave Danger).

Finally arriving at the decaying ruins of The Nuthouse carnival, Caleb is harried by a phantasmal puppet through the creaky hallways (BPF10: Nuthouse). Escaping through the back routes and winding thoroughfare, he traverses further fair grounds encountering sideshows, freak exhibitions, an arcade, an eatery, as well as various amusement rides including an unfinished river attraction (BPF11: Backlot). Caleb boards a train, and then has to fight through a rail and subway station before facing a Cerberus, apparently the one called Typhon, and its clutch of Hell Hounds before boarding another rail car full of ticking explosives... (BPF12: Midnight Railfreight Fright).

"Looks like that was Typhon I ran into back there. They must have been transporting him on here so that they could get him on the boat, so it must be pretty close. My trenchcoat was burnt after that blast, and now I'm pissed! I'll find this 'Charon' and kill everyone on board. After that, I'll find a nice quiet, little island all for myself and be done with all this stuff once and for all. All who oppose me will be cast down to an early grave to rot forever. First, I need to find some new friends to help me since my other ones were damaged back at the train depot. Look out! I'm coming for you!" — Closing cutscene

Episode 2, Part 1: Road to Deadland[edit]

"Fire wreathed around the jagged debris that formed a crackling barrier around Caleb. The powerful Deathmask Ward had managed to absorb the blast and violent impact as he'd been thrown backwards from the disintegrating carriage. But now it was shuddering and beginning to come apart in his hands, as it did the heat and flames became more and more apparent. Those parts of the station that had survived the bomb had quickly caught fire and now the blaze was out of control, escape seemed unlikely. But did he want to escape? Was there anything beyond this ring of fire other than a world torn to shreds by the crazed remnants of the Cabal? To fight until he ran out of bullets was tempting but also seemed so tiring. His thoughts were interrupted by a violent explosion to his right, a large brick wall adorned with large burning sleepers imploded towards him. Leaping back he only narrowly avoided the front of a battered Jeep as it bounced to a halt, a cloud of dust and spark around it. Behind Caleb could hear the familiar sound of gunfire and the odd whizzing impact on the nearby walls. A man popped his head over the dust coated windshield. "Well come on boy, git' on in. Neither one 'o' us a-got all day!" Caleb swung himself into the passenger seat and the Jeep shot backwards ricochetting off loose bricks and burning timbers. With a sudden jolt and terrible grating sound, the man hit the brakes and threw the Jeep into gear, while almost simultaneously slamming the accelerator down. As they sped off into the night Caleb wondered if the man had any idea who he had just 'saved'." — Opening cutscene

Caleb is saved from the ensuing explosion by virtue of a Deathmask artefact, and ends up picked up by a benevolent passer-by in a Jeep. Driving down an isolated forest road, they are assaulted by a band of cultists, killing his benefactor. In response, Caleb ravages a few Cabal garrisons practising their dark arts among the trees (Training: Training Grounds). He breaks into the fortification from whence they were posted, and blasts his way through, taking out the munitions shed along the way and utilizing the defensive guns to his advantage (TheFort: The Fort).

At a riverbank he either escapes on a motor boat or heads further up river in a larger ship following a hidden map. The latter takes him to a Gargoyle Temple, including altars to the fallen Cheogh, intermingled with a presently clogged up adjacent hydroelectric dam (Hellen: To Hellen Back). From here Caleb turns back towards the earlier route and steals the motor boat moored against the now crumbling encampment (return: The Return).

Arriving at a far shore, Caleb scrambles through a mined seaside cemetery in order to tunnel into the dock side town of Black Cove, which features many attractions for holiday goers, before facing a Stone Gargoyle and finally climbing aboard the notorious passenger liner Charon (Blackcove: Black Cove). Caleb battles up from the lower levels to the upper deck and raids the bridge, allowing him access back below to a series of cabins and accommodations ultimately gaining him access to the boiler room and hold. There he encounters a crated Cerberus, apparently Echinda herself. Suddenly, fluid starts filling in and the ship begins sinking as a sea monster attacks (charon: Charon), and Caleb is left adrift among the wreckage in Gill Beast infested waters (wreck: Wreck).

"'Play with fire and you're going to get burned' I should remember that when dealing with these damn dogs. At least when I put a 12 gauge between the eyes of Typhon back on shore it was only a station that blew up. That bitch Echinda knocked a hole in the side of the ship big enough to park a truck in. Guess it wouldn't have mattered much anyway since this 'island' pretty much swallowed the Charon whole moments after I washed out of the hold. Still I'd pretty much killed everyone on board so not great loss. Now all I have to do is get this craps table to stay afloat long enough to get me to shore, and then I am going to find something big to kill!" — Closing cutscene

Episode 2, Part 2: Welcome to Deadland[edit]

"The closer I get to this Island, the more I feel it's power. It's deeper than just rock and mud, Deadland reaches out from the Other World. This Evil is far greater and older than a simple demon or twisted Cabalist. Dreams become real and reality becomes a nightmare. All the while a voices sounds in my head, many voices formed into one. It says many things, it screams it taunts, it murmurs but always it repeats.... 'You Are Mine... You are mine... You are mine!...'" — Opening cutscene

Caleb rides an upturned table game to the nearby Island, finding that its very mass is entangled with the marine creature that doomed the Charon. The Cabal however have already made themselves at home, so Caleb infiltrates their structures, and commandeers a motorised drill to cleave through the horrid fleshy excrescence (bfs: Blood from Stone). As the very land beneath his feet is convulsed by the entity's thrashing, Caleb comes across a standing stone circle which unlocks further ancient temples underneath. As the encroachment squeezes in around him, he must dive into a stagnant pool and try and swim his way to freedom (monolith: Monolith).

Caleb emerges in a moat defending a massive mansion house, with passages allowing him to climb the battlements and then blast through into the outer gardens (noctem: Noctem). From here Caleb can either proceed directly inside, or if having collected three crystal balls, sidetrack into darker climbs via a trio of pillars (BAITD2: Alone In The Dark 2). Either way, Caleb walks out three doors into an entry hall, which suddenly opens up beneath him, tumbling him down into the abyss (mouth: Mouth or mouth2: Mouth). Caleb finds himself within the unholy organism itself, and so he has to squirm around in its insides, blowing out arteries, and clearing up endlessly regenerating hordes of zombies. Finally, he reaches the being's heart, blasting into its centre, and finally destroying it (heart: Heart of Darkness).

"I came to the mansion looking for answers.... well it looks like they found me! Beneath it was the Deadland you won't see in the Brochure..... knee deep in acid, stench, slime, and that ever present heartbeat. It wasn't easy since when threatened Deadland has this annoying habit of spitting out Zombies like a twisted immune system, the walls heaved with them. But finally I reached the Heart. It beat so loud the floor shook..... not half as much as it shook when I plunged my arms elbow deep though.... As the Heart died Deadland was gripped by violent convulsions that almost tore it apart. Blood exploded from walls, ceilings and floors. As the Island rose and fell a great jagged buttress of rock slashed open the side of whatever hellish protuberance had swallowed me and I was washed out on a tidal wave of Blood. The lost souls of Deadland that I'd missed or had been hiding were either killed by the massive earthquakes and geysers of fire, or, now deprived of their dark master's voice within them, went mad and were easy to mop up. NOW DEADLAND TRULY 'LIVES' UP TO ITS NAME. And me? Well, I thought it was about time I took a break, and maybe catch some sun....." — Closing cutscene


The add-on features numerous additional pop culture nods than the base game.


Fantasized sketch of RedFanatic

"I apologise for the messyness and lack of spell checking of this post but it's 2:40 in the morning and i just don't give a f*** (i'll edit it later it's just i've delayed answering poor Wangho too long already). Thanks mainly to the joining of Wangho to the forum my Dream of being part of a Collaberative Blood Addon is here, unfourtunatly it's arrived at exactly the wrong time since i have almost no time to get on with editing. over the last couple of weeks (and for the next few days) i've either been away or there have been people staying, so to answer your question from the other topic Wangho I really wish i could say i've got it done and started on the next level but i haven't :( as yet but i WILL be getting some done soon and for now i thought i'd make this topic as a home for the idea and any other's who want to add a level or so. When i've finished what i'm currently working on i'll have three levels tarting in the forest that you travel through discovering some kind of training camp then you break into a storage and training camp next to a river from which you get a little boat and sail down stream to a port, get on a bigger boat and then...... who knows, this is my idea start for a link to the Island of DeadLand which is just sort of a very loosely connected base for some sort of episode or two. i have a loose story for Deadland along the lines of a Gargoyle lord (perhaps connected to Cheoug) who has been creating an army and gathering hordes of weapons and soldiers, (i was planning to make it quite hard) but Caleb has found them before they're fully ready and takes it upon himself to kill everyone... now i know that a story for an addon isen't absolutly nessecery but i usually enjoy addon's with a good story better than ones without so since i'm a bit slow on the actuall level building part perhaps i can come up with a story we can build the levels into. another idea that i got quite excited about (even if it's a little Blood 2-ish) was the 'What if' episodes what if it had been one of the other chosen who had been picked for greatness? where would they find them selves after being put back into thier bodies? perhaps gabriel would be in a shallow grave out behind some farm, or ishmael entombed under some elaborate temple or church, you could even tailor the weapons or certainly the ammo types you get depending on the character the episode is about and they don't have to be long episodes just a few levels leading towards some character specific goal such as a special super weapon for Gabriel, an artifact for Ishmael, and then you could end it all with that enhanced version of the Hall of Epiphany that was posted a while ago. As for my contribution firstly the levels i'm working on of course but also if you need a linking level to one of your Wangho but you don't really want to make it or know where to got send me you maps and i'll try to come up with some thing and get it made, also have you checked out my Other maps section on the Purgatory site theres one sort of tester map i made called 'The Hall of the Mountain Queen' that could with a bit of tweaking fit some where it's a bit extream in some ways at the moment but really good fun, anyway it's a thought. Well thats all i can think of at the moment but i intend to get a nice solid week or at least a few good days at my levels and then we can actually start putting stuff together, thats a point actually whos going to be in charge of final construction and arrangement?"RedFanatic, February 5, 2007



"It's here everybody. Proceed down below to download the addon! 3 brand new episodes, many custom sounds, art, and cutscenes. It'll take you awhile to complete, so take your time, and enjoy. This addon took nearly 3 years to make, but we think it's worth it! Download and drown in the bloody horror that is Bloody Pulp Fiction!"Description


"This update adds another .exe for those that do not wish to use DosBox with the addon and another .exe that will install the custom midis that are used in a few particular maps. In addition, some tweaks to a few of the maps were implemented."Description


"Add's four new custom midi tracks, the ending cutscene and many small tweaks & fix's to maps from all episodes."Description


"This unreleased version for Blood including new launcher with six new weapons and additional bonuses. For compatibility re-textured all maps in which there are textures from Cryptic Passage - now they are at new numbers. Some errors leading to crash of game have been rectified. Features art from Hellen (she was the artist of many projects, including it) All necessary files, including a sound, were placed in own resource archives therefore problems with the wrong sound shouldn't arise now. Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread destruction and mayhem throughout. Uploaded on the official website in 2010, was reuploaded to RTCM and BAITD bloodgame website, finally now available here. Although the rescripted version by BME is recommended."Description

Derived from the launcher from New Alone in the Dark, this semi-official version also includes an early incarnation of the Weapons Mod with only six replaced weapons.


"With the release of Blood GDX and other Blood projects underway, a new enthusiasm for Blood-related content has inspired some Blood map-editors to dig out Mapedit from the dusty closet to see what we can come up with once again. "Ryan "Wangho" Williams

Inspired by Pagb666's video playthroughs on YouTube, Wangho has announced work on an updated version of Bloody Pulp Fiction as of February 9, 2019. Without the involvement of RedFanatic, this may only feature improvements to Caleb's Road Trip.

BloodGDX Support[edit]

Several versions have been uploaded of the add-on designed to be easily compatible with BloodGDX. Just extract the directory into the BloodGDX additions folder.

The new remaster in the works will have made these subsequently redundant, as it is designed with GDX compatibility in mind.


"It references Jack Frost, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, the Fugitive and then there's Stephen King... it's time to have a merry blood Christmas. It achieves at being unique, following the tradition of Blood, every level has a distinct theme and unique colour and texture design with references to films. It's also really challenging, unfortunately the key hunts in the cultists of corn and the rest of the levels after it get really hard, so I had to cheat to get through doors. The last few levels are a bit more oddball, a crypt, a Victorian setting that just has a random reference to the Ring, and a ship called Charon (Ghost Ship?). The mod did a great job at what it set out to do, just be another tribute to horror with above average level design. But it did have some frustrating parts, I still appreciate the love that went into it."The Unbeholden

"I got a chance to play a bit of the 2nd chapter wangho. You and RF have done a great job from what I have seen, the levels are very challenging, even on the easiest settings. I found myself having to watch health and ammo closely. You also managed to get me to flinch more than once which was fun... Anyway, you guys did a great job! Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining, I just wanted to let you know what things I am finding and if they are a problem. I'm looking forward to playing some more tomorrow."Joe Volante

"I suppose what I liked about the ones I've played so far is not only their ability to create a new story and follow through with it, but more so their ability to create incredible settings in terms of level design. If I'm looking for anything in a mod its level design. I don't want to play a mod that threw together some rehash of the original Blood series. I want to play a game that instead expands on the Blood universe and adds its own special touch to the existing framework. BPF is a great example of what I'm talking about. It was able to be dark, atmospheric, and yet even funny at times (I'm looking at you Manos). It took the sort of atmosphere that made Blood so great and did far more than just make an homage. In some ways it managed to surpass the original material. So if I'm looking for anything in a mod I'm looking for good level design and that certain atmosphere that makes Blood so great."morhlis

"I can say without a doubt that it will always be my favorite Blood user-made content and up there with my top 5 favorite user-made content packs in general just because of how much it seems to really mesh with the general level design and play-style of classic blood but also incorporates its own take on things. I remember just randomly stumbling upon it something back in like late 2009 sometime around October and it just gave me everything I wanted thematically and detail-wise at that time from blood, always being surprised at each level pretty much outdoing one another in different ways and there weren't all that many BS sections or encounters (as I mostly stuck with the Doom, Duke, and Quake stuff at that time I had grown very tired of suddenly something suddenly being a slaughter wad for lack of better ideas) aside from very beginning of the first episodes first map and potentially the part where you have to kill the beast for a key in the backlot map (Due to my own stupidity of always playing on well done or extra crispy and wasting too much vital ammo on other stuff messing around.) I still remember getting annoyed with it too because of how funky the installer for the custom textures and sounds were for on my xp machine and dosbox only to get to swapgas and be met with the ambient noise of tchernbog chanting "asshole" repeatedly and a number of textures being substituted for the beasts sprite set with his ass out and laughing a bit before realizing that this probably isn't the way things are supposed to look and that I'll need to reinstall it and keep a fresh blood install separate in case it decides to crash or corrupt itself."Spaghetti

"Certainly one of the most inspired and creative efforts to come out of the Blood mapping community, but unfortunately the overall experience can be a bit uneven. There is a definite split personality between the road trip and Deadland episodes by Wangho and RedFanatic respectively, and the attempts at a cohesive plot are threadbare at best, hampered by weak and visually contradictory interludes. Levels also vary from truly lovely, such as Grave Danger and the Charon level, to the ambitious but convoluted, like Cultists of the Corn and Old Desert Town, to the the simply confusing, such as The Nuthouse or the concluding Heart of Darkness, and it all builds up to a rather turbulent endeavour. That and its by now rather infamous difficulty to get installed in some instances, leaves a definite experience every Bloodite should try once, but one a few passes away from the heights of Death Wish. 7/10"Graham "Gideon" Wilson, Blood Wiki

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