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The Blood Wiki
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Name: The Blood Wiki

Slogan: Geropayati quodpipax durbentia

URL: (2008-2011), (2011-Present)

Key People: Tchernobog, Gideon, William Weilep

Created: January 12, 2008

Host: Wiki-Site (2008-2011), DeathMask (2011-Present)

"Pretty much the only Blood information website around since the fall of PlanetBlood. I find this Blood Wiki an essential for any Blood Fan. It is so essential i even have a desktop shortcut for it! This wiki is stuffed full of interesting and useful information, and I always come back to check on the Blood News (how I found out about This is pretty much just like any other wiki as in you can just drop in information and go which i tend to do from time to time. Extras for this wiki is the large fan base such as fanfiction, artwork, and ect. I definitely recommend this."User:TeenBeach, September 3, 2010

The Blood Wiki (the site you are currently viewing) is a free content Blood resource site that is powered by the Media Wiki engine and was hosted by the free wiki service Wiki-Site from its founding in January 2008 until March 2011. Like the well known Wikipedia, the Blood Wiki can be edited and updated by anyone and is based on user submission. The text of the Blood Wiki is released under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2.

It was created on January 12, 2008 and the Blood Wiki was initially hosted with Apache 2.2.3 on a CentOS server. As of March 29, 2011, it was hosted on CentOS 5.5 x64, Apache 2.2.17, PHP 5.3.5, MySQL 5.1.41, with major updates done at least quarterly. The root category for the wiki can be found here.


"Thanks to its founders, Tchernobog and Gideon, the Blood Wiki has been the definitive home for fans from the Elderest of Days. Long may it endure, undying through the aeons!"Monolith Productions

Unlike most other Blood resources, the Blood Wiki attempts to incorporate the world of fan works into the wiki's coverage as long as it is clear that it is fan made and non-canon; it is also out to host new Blood fan projects. This is most personified by its extensive gallery of fan art, a great deal of which is either not or not easily accessible elsewhere. The site's management has also put a lot of work into documenting fan fiction and also game modifications, fan games, and fan sites as well as some of the most notable Bloodites.

The site is also the originator of the otherwise non-canon term Reality Beta (an thus other Greek reality classifications) to refer to the ominous invading reality of Blood II: The Chosen. The game never really defined a name for it, other than terms like another reality or otherworld (a term used previously in the Cryptic Passage final level description).

Shogo Sub-Section[edit]

Sub-Section Logo

The Blood Wiki also hosts a sub-section to act as a wiki documentation for Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. The game is powered by the original version of LithTech and in that way and others, it is the sister game of Blood II: The Chosen. The sub-section was founded on June 8, 2008 after some time in consideration. Its creation was the result of a successful policy motion and vote and it is principally written and maintained by User:Gideon. It is grown more useful of late because of its attempts to preserve Planet Shogo content after that website was taken down in the early summer of 2009, and has continued this role with the demise of and Haus of Shogo, alongside Shogo Tribute. Like its mother wiki, the sub-section has a special article that documents the game's fan community and works, as well as one for mods, and also has a special hosting place for fan artwork. The site is also part of of the New Shogo Web Ring.


Original Logo

The official staff take on Blood character avatars such as User:Tchernobog and User:Gideon. The Blood Wiki states its goals and rules in its Questions and Answers article. In terms of dealing with conflict, it is either handled in talk page debates or democratically. Votes are most often done however merely to legitimize any notable change, such as authorizing the creation of the Shogo Sub-Section. Only User:Tchernobog, User:Gideon and recently User:Willis currently hold administrator powers that are commonly used. However, influence can be acquired meritocratically either through substantial contributions or discussions with administrators.

For example, User:TheWallflower has reached a notable amount of influence thanks to his massive contributions to the project in 2008 and some in 2009. He was also the only notable person to have ever debated with the main Blood Wiki staff on various issues, such as the inclusion of fan media and game guide-like articles. User:Drudge Master has acquired a certain amount of influence thanks to his discussions with the main Blood Wiki staff. Unlike Wikipedia, voting results can overturn or provide an exception to any prior policies if it has moderator approval.

As of yet, there has been no vote with any negative votes in the end, and no votes had been held since 2008 due to the maturity of the wiki. This changed with the March 2011 policy vote which approved the proposal that moved the site to DeathMask; after a brief consideration towards an initial offer from Tropical Wikis. In most cases new changes are done by the moderators without outside comment, similar to the Wikipedia "be bold" principle.

Wikipedia polices and guidelines reflect on the Blood Wiki, but do not apply directly. For example, verifiability had been based on people posting questions about contentious statements on talk pages rather than through citation links, though more recently quotations from official sources have been added instead (which solves a double role in terms of archiving texts that no longer exist online beyond the Wayback Machine). Guidelines are to be interpreted by the editing public and, if there is disagreement, by the administrators. For example, there is a definition of vandalism and other unwanted edits on the "Questions and Answers" articles, but what constitutes it exactly is decided by the user or moderator removing or dealing with it.

These policies and the overall organizational structure of the wiki have been carried over to the Pie in the Sky (about Pie in the Sky Software) and Catacomb Wiki (based on Catacomb 3D and related) sites also founded by User:Gideon over on the Miraheze hosting service. The Blood Wiki also maintains a Wiki Index of similar wikis covering related topics.

Media Coverage[edit]

The Blood Wiki has been used as an external resource by the news service LinuxGames due its quality coverage of Blood and the fan game HYPERTENSION and has been similarly used by Linux Gaming News and Free Gamer due to its wider coverage of Blood fan games. It was quoted by when the Blood series was put under its mod spotlight. The wiki has also been quoted by or referenced from by Blood Thirsters, Bloodline and Blood Hispano. As quoted up top, the wiki has also been acknowledged repeatedly by Monolith Productions via its social media accounts.

Official Staff[edit]

Co-Founders User:Tchernobog and User:Gideon on June 2, 2019
  • User:Tchernobog (Hamish Paul Wilson): Head Moderator and Co-Founder (As he is the god of the wiki)
  • User:Gideon (Graham L. Wilson): Major Moderator and Co-Founder (As he is the leader of the cult that is the wiki)
  • User:Cerberus (Iain Wilson): Wiki and HTML Consultant (Emitter of the flame of wiki scripting!)
  • User:Cheogh (Malcolm Wilson): Head Artist and Multimedia Expert (Gargoyles are aesthetic items on cathedrals aren't they?)
  • User:Willis (William Weilep): Web Hosting and Financial Benefactor

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