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Blood Reborn Logo
Blood Reborn

Developer: TOT COMICS

Publisher: TOT COMICS, Game Jolt

Designer: Joe Anderson

Engine: Game Maker 7

Version: 3.5

Released: January 18, 2010

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

This article is about the Game Maker 7-based fan game, for the attempted fan sequel to Blood II called Blood 3: Reborn see Blood III.

Blood Reborn is a fan-made quasi-remake of Blood by TOT COMICS/That one guy (aka Joe Anderson) created in the Game Maker 7 graphical game creation software. It received mid-level reviews.


The game's story is exactly the same as Blood, and utilizes its introductory cutscene. The player starts as Caleb insides his grave and begins his quest for revenge against the Cabal. The game also features Cerberus as a boss, and reuses his defeat cutscene in-game.


In-game shot

The gameplay resembles Blood, but with quite a few limitations. The game contains full mouse-look, which is only partially available in original but it has less varied environments. It contains some features singular to the Build engine at the time of its releases, such as sloped floors (though sometimes the player can fall through these). The game features a limited form of head kicking the heads of Axe Zombies. The game uses sprites rather than voxels, though a few stone coffins have a vaguely 3D look to them. The player can jump but can not jump on top of anything, only over some trenches. The game features a limited amount of destructible objects.

The game features the Pitchfork, Dynamite Bundle, Voodoo Doll, Tommy Gun, Flare Gun, and Sawed-Off Shotgun. The Dynamite Bundle works more like the Napalm Launcher in Blood than its counterpart in the original game, although it works more like a standard first person shooter rocket launcher than even the Napalm Launcher. The player can not switch weapons and can only use the weapon picked up the latest.

Often to proceed through the level you have to pick up a new weapon and abandon an old one. The Flare Gun does have the ability to light people on fire, and the Voodoo Doll retains the property of hurting the player when not aimed at an enemy. Though the accuracy of weapons is somewhat worse than in Blood, sometimes when the cross-hair is on an enemy it still will not count as a hit. This causes problems when using the Voodoo Doll, as you have less health in this game than in Blood.

The game features Ackolytes (although they behave like Cultists), Axe Zombies, Gargoyles, Bloated Butchers, Little Calebs, Hands and Phantasms. The Hand can be removed from the player's throat by a single space bar hit, and is never seen again. It is also usually hidden behind barrels. The game contains a variety of levels inspired by Blood or its two expansions, but mostly due to engine limitations, look quite different. This includes mausoleums, boat docks, shopping malls, snowy expanses, and such. The game is of a notably high difficulty.


The game was in part developed to allow better Blood-like play on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 prior to the availability of source ports. The developer didshowever promote the use of Dosbox to run actual Blood on these systems, as well as playing ZBlood. The Blood Reborn website also had the full version of Blood available for download but, as with all abandonware, the legality of this was questionable. The site promised that it would be taken down say Blood be made available for purchase again by Monolith Productions, and so it was after the game was made available legally from Good Old Games. Later it just had a purchasing link as well as the shareware version for download.

The game features sprites and other multimedia content ripped from the ZBlood data files, which are originally from Blood and owned by Monolith. The game appears to be based on the first person tutorials that can be found for Game Maker. The game's "demos" are in fact a video of gameplay, rather than an actual demo in the conventional sense. The game is designed as a mock DOS Prompt loader, and it mimics the Blood splash screens and menus. The project files for the game were released on the YoYo Games (the developers of Game Maker) website for use under certain license conditions.

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