Blood Music Rearrangement for Orchestra

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Blood 1 Rearrangements for Orchestra was a project to rearrange the soundtrack for Blood to fit with an orchestra completed in 2008 by Justin Freywald.

"I reworked the music of blood 1 between 2007 and 2008 and completed the final version for that time. And yes, I called it rearranged back then, but this is of course no rearrangement in the traditional, ordinary sense. Still, the compositions are so damn good and most parts were already for orchestra, so I edited the files in order to improve the sound and had not much to compose, but it took a long time to change it so that it is pleasing to me: events such as note velocities or track volumes have been adjusted accordingly. Instruments like the timpani have been added to many tracks to create richer orchestral sound. And much more, but there’s hardly anything new, it’s just more orchestral."--Justin Freywald Blokk post

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