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"Welcome Bloodites, to the BLOOD LINE the intellectual successor of PlanetBlood. This page is dedicated to Monoliths legendary shooter BLOOD. Here you find a large, assorted selection of addons, maps tools tutorials, walkthroughs, reviews and interviews. In addition, you can expect regular news around Blood. As a registered user you can upload files and use the forum, where you get help in mapedit or if you have other problems such as bring blood to run. In our archive you'll find about 30 archived web pages from the blood universe. This page is updated regularly and fulfils the highest safety standards." — Official description

Not to be confused with the fan add-on BloodLines

Blood Line (or BLOOD LINE and Bloodline) is a website created by L3GEND in 2014 that featured news, information, screamshots (which includes galleries for fan art, including Rust's comics, as well as promotional material, box art, manuals and concept art), videos, downloads, a guestbook, and a forum. It also featured a short interview with Ken Silverman, creator of the Build engine. The site came down in late 2020.

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