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BloodCM Logo

Developer: BloodCM Developers

Publisher: ModDB, Game Front

Designer: Alexander "M210" Makarov

Engine: EDuke32 / Build

Version: v12_2016

Released: December 25, 2016

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: Windows, Linux


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"I started this on January 14, 2008, with the goal of reimplementing Blood (by Monolith software) on eDuke32 port, with which it shares the engine. That requires converting all Blood resources to Duke3d format and recreating the missing game mechanics. The idea of remaking Blood went to me when I tried to have a Cooperative game with friends. I didn't find a version of Blood which would run on modern computers, so I decided to remake it myself. At first, I wanted to remake just maps, leaving Duke3d mechanics untouched. Later on, I read about eDuke32 port, which offers reach script extensions and thus more !stuff! for port and total conversions. The first thing I did was recreating the Blood HUD under eDuke, and I managed to make it perfectly identical. Seeing the power eDuke32 scripts offer, I decided to proceed with full conversion." — Alexander "M210" Makarov

BloodCM (formerly Blood TC until June 2013; not to be confused with the earlier Doom engine based Blood TC), or Blood Crossmatching, is a project to create a Blood total conversion for EDuke32, an engine derived from the Duke Nukem 3D source code and a branch of Build called EDuke. Interestingly, EDuke was started by former Blood project manager Matt Saettler originally for use in the GT Interactive published title NAM, under the direction of Blood producer Rick Raymo.

The project was led by Alexander "M210" Makarov. Work on the project started on January 14, 2008, originally just planning to port over the game's levels, and the first release was was put out on September 28, 2012. Maps were converted using the Blud2Build tool, but this only offered them the basic level geometry and sprites, requiring much of the dynamic elements to be recreated.

The effort was declared completed on January 9, 2017 with version v12_2016. Containing the complete retail and Plasma Pak episodes and featuring reverse engineered game logic, BloodCM is considered to be the most accurate total conversion replicating Blood; in many ways completing the ambitions of earlier efforts such as Transfusion and ZBlood. The rise of more accurate source ports, starting with Makarov's own BloodGDX and the EDuke derived NBlood and Raze, has reduced the relevancy of such recreations however. It has also been supplanted by the official remaster Blood: Fresh Supply.


NOTE: EDuke32 r5597 is the version currently recommended for use by the BloodCM developers.

BloodCM comes with a custom launcher for Windows; on Linux extract the BloodCM directory to ~/.eduke32 in your Home.

Linux Launch Command: LC_ALL=C eduke32 -game_dir ~/.eduke32/BloodCM -grp ~/.eduke32/BloodCM/BloodCM.grp -cfg ~/.eduke32/BloodCM/bcm.cfg

To enable CD music using a copy of the original Blood from, copy all of the OGG Vorbis files from the data directory to your BloodCM directory and add the following file.


BloodCM trailer on YouTube
  • BloodBath is not supported due to deficiencies in the engine.
  • As with above, there is no available way to play cooperatively.
  • The original game's cutscenes are not played in BloodCM.
  • Map format not compatible with original Blood custom levels or add-ons.
  • No recreation of Cryptic Passage is available.
  • Voxels do not work in polymer renderer; works in classic and polymost.
  • Hall of mirrors artifact with room-over-room with polymer and polymost renderer; works in classic.
  • Mirrors do not show player with polymost renderer; works in classic and polymer.


NOTE: This not a complete list.

  • E1M6 - Cannons fire randomly after picking up Fire key.
  • E1M7 - Crouching will not help you avoid Cheogh or Gargoyle attacks.
  • E2M4 - You can not finish the level without the Moon Key by crouching under the fence.
  • E2M5 - Completely different way to reach the Super Secret; you can not lock yourself in the underground tunnel.
  • E2M7 - You do not need Jump Boots to pass the section after the presses.
  • E6M2 - Broken mirror releases Hands, not Little Calebs.


  • BloodCM_v12.2016
  • BloodCM v02.2016
  • BloodCM v08.2015
  • BloodCM v06.2013
  • BloodTC 15.10.2012
  • BloodTC 29.09.2012

A separate "Blood Weapon Mod" adds the weapons of Blood to Duke Nukem 3D separate from the rest of BloodCM (mirror - RTCM).


See Also: List of Bloodites


Big Thanks:

  • The Lezing
  • DeeperThought
  • DefaultDan(97)
  • Zykov Eddy
  • --DarkSoL--
  • Yura_evil
  • KLIMaka
  • XTHX2
  • Fox
  • Sanek
  • LipSheZ
  • Possessed-by-zeal.

Timothy "Protoplasmatic" Hale also once offered assistance, particularly with regard to using his old ReBUILD tools.



Makarov has now moved on to working on BloodGDX, an actual attempted port of native Blood assets using the libGDX framework for Java. Such an effort can be considered to be more secure legally, as it only is reading the original game's assets (and requires the purchase of the original retail version) rather than reconstituting them into another game as BloodCM does. Legal questions still persist around reverse engineering and the referencing of the leaked Blood Alpha source code. Makarov also stressed his desire to move beyond EDuke32's current limitations, such as inoperable multiplayer support, among others.

This development path is similar to how Doom64 EX, an actual fan port of the original binary for Doom 64, was preceded by a Doom 64 TC by the same author for Doom II (Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal, also the author of Fresh Supply); this was later used for a commercial re-release of the game in 2020. A modern fork of the original port exists called Doom64 EX+.

A later project by coder Alexey "Nuke.YKT" Khokholov called NBlood actually ports the original Blood directly onto EDuke32, which has subsequently been forked into Raze.

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