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BloodBath is the name of the multiplayer Deathmatch mode in both Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. Both games are primarily focused on the single player experience, but also features this multiplayer mode. Instead of Deathmatch mode, the authors decided to change the name to "Bloodbath" because it better reflects the game's title. In Blood II each player can choose one of the four Chosen to control during the match - Caleb, Gabriella, Ishmael and Ophelia. Since every character has different abilities, the weaponry they receive at the beginning of the game varies. In the Blood you can only play as Caleb. The expansion pack Blood II: The Nightmare Levels adds many new BloodBath abilities to Blood II: The Chosen such as allowing the player to take on the persona of many of the games enemies.

The fan made remake of Blood titled as Transfusion currently has a working BloodBath mode. It should also be noted that the project has been referred to as "BloodBath". Transfusion comes with a Caleb character but also allows you to download others online. The game can also support computer controlled Deathmatchers called "Frikbots".

Both the fan made Blood TC and ZBlood maps can be played with both engines Deathmatch mode with Blood enemies and items.