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BloodBath is the name for the multiplayer mode in both Blood and Blood II: The Chosen, conventionally called "Deathmatch". The developers changed the name to better reflect the game's title. The goal of this mode is to kill other players while avoiding death yourself. Players respawn after being killed, or fragged, and the one with the most kills wins (either from hitting the frag limit or a countdown timer). Play takes place on a closed map with various power-ups, weapons, and strategic cover. Multiplayers connect through either a serial connection or a LAN server.

In Blood, each player assumes the role of Caleb (wearing different colour pants to differentiate between players), but in Blood II the player can choose one of the four Chosen to control. It also allowed character customizations, allowing the player to increase ammo capacity, Focus, speed, etc. The Nightmare Levels added enemy models as options. It also added new modes such as "Zombie Head Soccer".

Another unique feature of BloodBath is The VoiceTM. It has the same voice (and voice actor) as Tchernobog and serves as the announcer for BloodBath. Each time a player dies, The Voice announces it with a descriptive verb, such as "annihilated", or "sterilized". A list of quotes can be found here.

The original Blood features a handicapping system coded by Peter Freese that is accessible by launching with the -Skill n parameter.

Bloodbath modes are available in source ports such as BloodGDX and NBlood as well as the remaster Fresh Supply, which offers options such as split screen mode and modern online multiplayer with up to eight players.

Fan games[edit]

The fan-made remake of Blood titled as Transfusion has a working BloodBath mode. Transfusion comes with a Caleb character model but also allows you to download others online. The game can also support computer-controlled opponents called "Frikbots".

ZBlood and its forks such as ZBloody Hell, as well as other Doom engine projects such as Re-Blood, can all be played using ZDoom's multiplayer code or multiplayer focused ports such as Zandronum. This can include bot play via ZCajun and other implementations.

Bloodites have also made fan made Blood related files to be used in the game Quake III Arena, most notably via Q3 BloodBath, allowing usage of that game's features as well as its innumerable mods.

Semi-annually since 2013, members of the Transfusion Forums have held a Halloween BloodBath within Blood II: The Chosen and Transfusion.

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Jesters of Hell

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