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On this day last year (January 12, 2008), me and my brother started the Blood Wiki. I am not sure why we started it in the first place to be honest. Part of it was how much Blood I was playing at the time, and this was before I had access to a computer that could play Blood II. Part of it may have been to give me something to do during the cold temperatures (I remember in the early days of the wiki we were documenting the Blood fan fiction when it was around -30 Celsius outside). Part of it is that I thought the Blood community needed it. Over the last ten years or so the community has amassed a huge amount of data for us to read through, play through, and document. Now hopefully thanks to our efforts, a Bloodite can find out about the world of Blood by just a few searches through our wiki. Though the main reason was that it was fun to make, and is still fun to make. Thus with this spirit I hope that this year might even be more profitable than the last. Happy Bloodletting!: Tchernobog 15:57, 12 January 2009 (EST)

Bloodite Comments[edit]

The Original Logo

"I'm very impressed with the detail and thoroughness of it. I'm learning things about Blood that I never knew existed.": Eric Juneau, Fan Fiction Writer.

"I salute you guy's efforts of gathering every small info about Blood": Dávid Pethõ, Fan Artist

"I must say, you have done a great job with it! Nice work!": Joe Volante, Modder

"The Blood Wiki is now functioning at a level that almost replaces everything Planet Blood used to do. I hope you folks can keep it going.": ZZaRDoZz, Bloodite at large.

"Wow, nice going on the wiki!": RedFanatic, Modder

"It's good to be around people I can relate to. I will try to send all the support I can for this young wiki.": Mark Anthony Schaller, Wiki Contributor.

Cerberus's Message[edit]

The first year of the Blood Wiki has been quite the year for changes. We have grown to have:

"1,135 total pages in the database. This includes "talk" pages, pages about [the Blood Wiki],
minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages.
Excluding those, there  are 308 pages that are probably legitimate content pages. 598
files have been uploaded."
From the Special:Statistics page.

From a simple layout with a main page that just links to the handful of articles present we now have gone through three major rewrites of its layout. The category structure has gone through major revision where "link pages" have been converted to categories, and then the categories were "simplified". Most recently new templates have been added for infoboxes, and those infoboxes have been added to the games and enemies articles. If it rate of growth and change continues the Blood Wiki will become THE main source for all things bloody, perhaps even noteworthy enough for a mention in Wikipedia, though that may be a bit ambitious. Here's to a successful second year!


The Blood Wiki (March 16, 2008)

Below is a list of contributions by user, sorted from greatest to least. This is a rough number however, since it includes edits to talk and user pages as well as submissions to articles. Also, me and Gideon have used each others accounts on occasion depending on which computer we were using at the time.

For more statistics see the "See Also" section!


The Blood Wiki (January 12, 2009)

I would like to thank some of the people who helped make the wiki what it is today:

Thanks to TheWallflower for his massive amount of edits, giving us the honour of being a host for Blood 2: The Unforgiven, and his "differences of opinion" which helped the wiki have more view points than just those of the management.

Thanks to Drudge Master for being one of the first people to give us encouraging words and a helping hand during the relatively early days of the wiki.

Thanks to Dávid Pethõ (Final Caleb) for answering our hopes that there was another Bloodite out there with a taste for archiving and had significantly more experience in the community than we did.

With regards to the Shogo Sub-Section, I would like to thank Hlingler and Thetargos from the Fedora Forum for helping me set up the game and for Thetargos's minor contribution to the "Shogo Guides" article.

Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution or has said an encouraging word.

And a final thanks to all those who are reading the Blood Wiki and its contents!

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