BB2: Winter Wonderland

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BB2: Winter Wonderland is a BloodBath map, released with the original Blood. It takes place in a snowy area.

Level Designer: James Wilson III
Song Track: 5 - Infuscomus (CD-Audio), cblood5 (MIDI)


Hidden Caches[edit]

  • Dive into the pool in the courtyard. Reward: Tesla Cannon, Tesla charges.
  • In the tower, in the living quarters, there's a space behind the clock. Reward: Remote Detonators.
  • In a room in the tower overlooking the courtyard, there is a small glass window in the corner. Break the glass and follow the ledge. Reward: Napalm Launcher.
  • Continue from the ledge mentioned above. Between the area where the small courtyard and large courtyard are separated, there's a crack in the wall that can be blown up. Reward: Guns Akimbo.
  • Continue from the ledge mentioned above and there is a very small ledge on the opposite wall. Jump on it, turn around, and walk into the fire. Reward: Life Seed
  • Near the castle's main entrance is a garden and fountain. Find a differently-colored hedge that acts as a lift. There is a stash of items over the tunnel. Reward: Doctor's Bag, TNT Bundles, box of flares
  • Inside the castle is a living room. Behind the couch is a switch. A door will open in the nearby corridor. Reward: Super Armour
  • Go inside the castle from the main entrance. Before the lift, search the wall on the right (this is an excellent sniping spot). Reward: Voodoo Doll
  • In the castle, there is a Tommy gun. From this point, look up and look for a button. Shoot it, and a lift will activate. Reward: unknown

Fun Stuff[edit]

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