Axe Zombie

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Axe Zombie


Axe Zombie

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 68
Pink on the Inside 90
Lightly Broiled 130
Well Done 170
Extra Crispy 220

"These slabs of rotting, undead meat are a force to be reckoned with. They aren't the brightest foes you'll face, but they can be very persistant. If you don't blow their stinking heads off, you'd better learn look over your shoulder, because chances are you have a loyal following you don't know about. Even wreathed in flames they'll drag you screaming into an early grave."Blood Beastiary

The Axe Zombie, or Zombie, is the most common regular enemy found in Blood, inspired by Zombies from George R. Romero's Night of the Living Dead movies. They are undead creations of the Cabal, ruthless and disposable, meant to pursue and kill Caleb. They are not very intelligent and incapable of coordinating attacks, although they do tend to appear in groups (as is the nature of zombies). They can also hide in the ground and spring up when Caleb draws near. They relentlessly pursue the player, shouting "Braaaaains!", and wield rusty axes, but possess no long range attacks.

Zombies are slow and clumsy enough that they can be dodged or out-manoeuvred (unless in a closed space). Nearly any weapon is capable of taking it out, including the pitchfork. If a zombie collapses, that does not necessarily mean it's been defeated. They can only be considered dead if decapitated, or if they let out a specially guttural yell (after being felled two to three times, depending on the difficulty level). Also note that a zombie which is not truly dead casts a shadow, but a truly dead zombie does not (this obviously matters only if shadows are enabled in the options).

They and their tougher cousins, the Bloated Butcher, are the only two enemies to have a unique death animation caused by dark magic attacks (such as the Voodoo Doll): the Zombie screams as he drops his axe, his arms disintegrate into dust and his body falls to the ground in a heap of putrid flesh, not unlike a deflated balloon.

Zombies may also sometimes attack Cultists, but this only happens if accidently attacked or bumped into by a Cultist, and only randomly.

Zombie heads can be kicked around for amusement, and are even used in some mini-games.

Zombies do not appear in Blood II, but Soul Drudges act much like them, including slow, awkward movement, being able to function without certain body parts, and separable heads that can be kicked around. In The Nightmare Levels, the developers used Soul Drudges to represent zombies in Ophelia's story, but no modifications to their model or skin were made (meaning they look exactly as they do in Blood II). There are several fan made skins that can re-texture them to look like Zombies, and the DarkAct modification actually reprograms them to act more like Zombies, even allowing them to come back from the dead.

"These hardy undead menaces move more swiftly than you might expect. Take them out before they get close or you'll taste their rusty axe blades. Also, just because they're down doesn't mean they're dead-make sure they're down for the count before you move on."Blood Manual