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Austin Adams

Name: Austin Adams

Alternate Names: SpillSomeBlood, BLOODTheChosenOne


Nationality: Canadian

Location: Florida, United States

Born: 1995

Email: AustinAdams05 (AT) Yahoo (DOT) com

Notable Works: Somewhere Under the Sea, Eviction

Austin Adams (aka [Lets]SpillSomeBlood and BLOODTheChosenOne) is a custom mapper for Blood and a fan artist, most notably the creator of Eviction (2017-2021). He was born in Toronto, Ontario but moved to Florida in the United States when he was still a young child.

Somewhere Under the Sea[edit]

"Rapture Preview" - YouTube

A three level level episode released on March 12, 2015 based on Adam's earlier "Rapture" map inspired by the underwater city from Bioshock. Designed for cooperative, bloodbath and team-play with high difficulty. It was uploaded on April 12, 2015. "Raputre" is also included in the second volume of Blood Chronicles, as is his other stand alone map "Return to Haunted Hill" (based on "Haunted Hill" by David Wikström; later reissued in an "Advanced Edition").

  • Level 1 = Hijack (Previously unreleased)
  • Level 2 = Welcome to Rapture
  • Level 3 = Arcadia (Previously unreleased)

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Videos: pagb666 BloodGDX walkthrough, BlooditeKrypto (bonus)

Spill Levels[edit]

A series of levels by Adams, of which three are original, while another three convert levels from Doom; a map based on The Hall of the Epiphany was also released with this prefix, and was included in the second volume of Blood Chronicles.

Another upload of E1M8 from Doom was also put out by Adams, as was "The Park". His most recent recreation is "Arena Gate" (BloodLine article) based on the map from Quake III Arena.

Fan Art[edit]

"Everyone has some form of artwork for Blood. It could be a screamshot or a painting. It could even be a map." — Austin Adams