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Ryan Williams
Screamshot of Bloody Pulp Fiction

Name: Ryan Williams

Alternate Names: Wangho and Donut

Website: http://bpf.deathmask.net/

Born: July 21, 1980

Nationality: American

Location: South Carolina

Notable Works: Bloody Pulp Fiction

Ryan "Wangho" Williams is a Bloodite known for his Blood add-on work, particularity Bloody Pulp Fiction which he developed alongside RedFanatic. He hopes that Bloody Pulp Fiction is a "good quality Blood addon that is fun" as well as adding more depth to Caleb as a character. He is also the author of "The Nuthouse" map hosted by Deep Cold Grave, which is also hosted on Blood.Freeminded.De alongside "Blizzard". He also developed a parody map for Blood based on the game's notorious killer doors. He also worked on a campaign called "Arctic Blood", but work was stymied by a computer virus.

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