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Eric Klokstad

"Eric Klokstad is a Senior Environment Artist at Boss Key Productions. When you can say you've been in the video game industry for 20+ years, you've definitely got bragging rights...but that is not Eric's style. He lets his work do the talking, and as the Sr. Environment Artist, we'll let him 'talk' all day long. Also, he's got an awesome chihuahua that's perfect for Pet Day at Boss Key."
--Boss Key description

Eric Klokstad was an additional artist on the original Blood, as part of a long career in video game artwork. From 1995-1998 he worked for Lobotomy Software, who finished the originally 3D Realms envisioned Build engine title Ruins: Realm of the Gods as PowerSlave (aka Exhumed). It was this game that motivated the Q Studios team to adopt a horror rather than fantasy theme for the game. His contribution to Blood is listed in his resume as part of this tenure, noting himself as an artist for Apogee Software West in 1994 suggesting he was then transferred. Klokstad is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design. He started in the game industry in 1994, working as an artist for local companies including Lobotomy Software, Cavedog Entertainment, Beep Industries and THQ. He is currently the senior environment artist at Boss Key Productions.

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