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Blood TC

The Doom engine is an 3D first person engine developed by former id Software programmer John Carmack for Doom. It was used in the fan made: Blood TC. It is free software under the Doom Source License and later the GNU General Public License.

The Blood Resource Pack is a texture WAD file allowing for the Doom engine to use Blood textures. It was created by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer.

ZDoom is the engine used by the fan made ZBlood. It is a modified version of the Doom engine made to include Build and Quake engine like effects. The Doom engine-based Blood TC project switched to ZDoom and started ZBlood because ZDoom is a lot closer to the Build engine used in Blood. ZBlood can be used by all ZDoom compatible Doom source ports.

ZDoom is also the basis of the "Horror 3D" project meant to mimic the early design drafts of Blood.

ZDoom is also able to be ran with the Blood.exe which puts the Blood Bath announcer into Doom. ZDoom can also run Blood's maps and art files using the same method, but a lot of the BUILD effects do not work.

EDGE, another engine based on the Doom engine, is being used to create the fan made HYPERTENSION.


Doom Palette[edit]

The following are either Blood content or modified Blood content converted to the Doom engine palette. Feel free to add more.