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This article is a list of original Blood related videos on YouTube.



The following are prominent channels that contain a notable amount of Blood content:


Note: the sheer amount of these have mandated this more compact list. Curation is welcomed!



Blood II[edit]

Speed Runs[edit]

AGDQ 2015 Blood Speed Run in 0:19:03 by Cubeface #AGDQ2015[edit]

"AGDQ 2015 Charity Marathon Event hosted by SRL and SDA. Speedrunners from SDA and SRL come at one place to raise money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. This run is done by Cubeface with a time of 0:19:03."

With commentary.


Cubeface's Playlist:

Blood Pordontae SpeedRuns[edit]

Author: Pordontae

A speed-run through Blood.


Blood Speedruns (Skill 4 - Well Done)[edit]

Author: SteftreS

Speed-run of Blood at skill level four.


Blood (PC) Speedrun[edit]


A speed run of Blood in four parts for a total time of 25:39.

Link: Episode 1 (6:30), Episode 2 (5:43), Episode 3 (6:19), Episode 4 (7:07)

Khuln and Ripper Speedruns[edit]

A speed run through One Unit: Whole Blood.


King Mamba Blood Speedruns[edit]

Speedruns of Episodes 1-4, Cryptic Passage and Post Mortem.

Link: Episodes 1-4 (15:30), Cryptic Passage (10:40), Post Mortem (4:21)

Blood Speedrun WIP up to E3M5[edit]

Author: BunniesThroughHell

A portion of a speedrun through Blood.

Link:, I wanna be BUILD when I grow up

Blood 2 speedrun[edit]

Author: FACU2

A speed-run through Blood II: The Chosen playing as Ophelia.

Links: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4



Author: xRussianYulia17x

Music from the above stated title.


Blood Soundtrack[edit]

Author: Kurt Hectic

All the CD audio music from the game Blood.


Blood OST[edit]

Author: Nivo UF

The OST for the game Blood.


Blood (PC) Full MIDI and Complete Soundtrack[edit]

Author: retroAGEfan

The complete MIDI or CD audio soundtracks for the game Blood all in one video.

Link: MIDI, CD Audio

Blood cover songs[edit]

Author: dronespace

A selection of cover songs completed in 2005 with Fruity Loops, based on the MIDI soundtrack for Blood.

Link: Part One, Part Two

Blood 2 The Chosen Soundtrack[edit]

Author: randompieceofmusic

The soundtrack from Blood II: The Chosen.


Blood 2 The Chosen OST (Original Version)[edit]

Author: CHereticHPoe

The OST from Blood II: The Chosen.


Blood 2: The Chosen OST[edit]

Author: NivoUF

The OST from Blood II: The Chosen.


Blood - The Remix Collection[edit]

Author: The Gaming Ground

A complete collection of remixed music from Blood.


Blood 2 - The Chosen - The Remix Soundtrack[edit]

Author: The Gaming Ground

A complete collection of remixed music from Blood II: The Chosen.


Blood Soundtrack - Opening Theme[edit]

Author: RockowyMarek

The original shareware theme song for Blood.


Blood - Fate of the Damned (Remake)[edit]

Author: SilentSphere1)

A remake of the track "Fate of the Damned" from Blood.


Blood - CBLOOD7 (Played on various levels) Music Remastered[edit]

Author: Forgotten Factory

A remastered version of the cblood7 MIDI track.


Blood Unused MIDI Remix[edit]

Author: Gerlof

A remix of the track used as the theme song for the Blood shareware.


Blood's "Unholy" in 8-Bit NES[edit]

Author: ZedSlayer

An 8-bit rendition of "Unholy Voices" from Blood.


JMAA - Crudux Cruo[edit]

Author: Juan Manuel Arroyo Alcón

A "smoother version" of "Pestis Cruento" from the PC game Blood.


Skyge - Unrequited (Inspired by Monolith's "Blood")[edit]

Author: s3radane

A brand new music track by Skyge inspired by Monolith Productions' Blood.



Blood DOS Game 1997 COMPLETE Sound Rip in WAV format[edit]

Author: 18009517713

A complete rip of the sounds from the game Blood.


Blood | A Collection of Caleb's Quotes and One Liners[edit]

Author: GameSomniac™

A twenty five minute long compilation of various Caleb quotations.


Blood II - Caleb Quotes[edit]

Author: BlooditeKrypto

A twenty minute collection of Caleb quotations from Blood II: The Chosen.


Caleb sings...[edit]

Author: XGamingPhunX

A compilation of Caleb's song excerpts.


Blood - Easter Eggs Collection[edit]

Author: Reconite11

A look at the various easter egg items in Blood.


Fun stuff in blood game[edit]

Author: kpr12

An examination of various aspects of the game, including bugs and tricks.


Blood Homages[edit]

Author: Forsete

A look at the various homages to be found in Blood.


Blood 2 The Chosen Easter Eggs and Secrets[edit]

Author: kapci26

A look at the various secrets and easter eggs to be found in Blood II: The Chosen.


Top 10 Easter Eggs in Classic FPS Games HD[edit]

Author: kapci26

Blood is at number five for its inclusion of Duke Nukem's corpse in "E1M4: Dark Carnival".



Blood - Random Encounter[edit]

Author: GameSpot

A half hour long play-through of Blood with commentary by Danny O'Dwyer of GameSpot.


Era Game Reviews - Blood[edit]

Author: GGBeyondcom

Another positive video review of Blood.


Era Game Reviews - Blood II: The Chosen[edit]

Author: GGBeyondcom

A video review of Blood II: The Chosen that is positive about its conception, but critical of its implementation - citing its troubled development.


Retro Review - Blood PC Game Review[edit]

Author: Gggmanlives

A positive video review of Blood.


Retro Review - Blood II: The Chosen PC Game Review[edit]

Author: Gggmanlives

A complimentary video review of Blood II: The Chosen, praising its voice acting, mood, and destructible environments, though critical of a lack of balance, polish and The Nightmare Levels.


Retro Review - Mod Corner - Deathwish Mod for Blood[edit]

Author: Gggmanlives

A very positive review of Death Wish, praising its level design and creativity, but cautioning about its high amount of enemy placements.

Link:, Bloodline article

Retro Review - Mod Corner - ZBlood[edit]

Author: Gggmanlives

A review of ZBlood generously noting its willingness to be distinct from its inspiration, but critical of its game balance issues; also complimenting more accurate recreations like BloodCM.


LGR - Blood - DOS PC Game Review[edit]

Author: Lazy Game Reviews

A positive review of Blood; released months before the game's roll-out on, its end lament about lack of availability is now well superseded.


Top Ten Forgotten First Person Shooters[edit]


A list of various "forgotten" first person shooters, including several Monolith Productions games. These include Shogo (#6), Tron 2.0 (#3), Blood (#2) and No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way (#1). Of these, only NOLF 2 is not available on, but not from lack of trying.


Forgotten FPS Games - Part 2[edit]

Author: MetalJesusRocks

A detailed selection of some "forgotten" first-person shooters, with Blood coming in at number 1 (Shogo at 7).


One Unit Whole Blood Review[edit]

Author: Salokin Sekwah

A positive review of Blood.


Blood Review (DOS) - MasterJay[edit]

Author: MasterJay

A positive review of Blood hoping for a remake ala the 2013 version of Shadow Warrior.


Video Game History: Blood[edit]

Author: comicconreviews

A positive review of Blood.



ADG Episode 147 - Blood[edit]

Author: Pixelmusement

An overview and review of Blood which features Dosbox tweaking tips at the end.


Steam review - One Unit Whole Blood - Singleplayer[edit]

Author: MrChaoticFear

A review of the game's 2014 release on Valve Corporation's Steam distribution service.


Video Games! - Blood On Steam![edit]

Author: CLBGamer

A short positive overview following the game's 2014 release on Valve Corporation's Steam distribution service.


Video Game Flashback #11 Blood[edit]

Author: Ed Findlay

A long discussion about Blood examining various aspects about it, such as its history, weapons, enemies, and pop culture references.

Link:, Bloodline post

Blood: Spill Some 1997 - MS-DOS Old-School Gameplay Review [History of Games][edit]

Author: iGameplay1337

A short collection of gameplay clips to give people a taste of the game.


Retro Active: Blood[edit]

Author: Rooster Teeth

A positive review of Blood that wishes for a modern port similar to Duke Nukem 3D for the Xbox Live Arcade with a rewind feature.


Blood 2: Trashed Classics[edit]

Author: Avalanche Reviews

A nostalgic look-back of Blood II appreciating its various iconic contemporary aspects, both brilliant and flawed.


Music Videos[edit]

Blood - Somebody to Love[edit]

Author: Ceekur

A video of Blood cutscenes and gameplay to the song "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane.


Recreating Blood's trailer in Sony Vegas (60 FPS)[edit]

Author: Ceekur

A recreation of the original Blood trailer video using Sony Vegas to the song "Love You To Death" by Type O Negative; up to recreating areas seen in the trailer in MapEdit when not featured in the full game.


Blood - No Fear[edit]

Author: thingy93

A video of Blood cutscenes and gameplay and some Blood II: The Chosen cutscenes and Blood Alpha gameplay to the song "No Fear" by The Ramus.


Blood - Life'll Kill Ya[edit]

Author: The Blood Wiki

A music video of Blood cut scenes to the song "Life'll Kill Ya" by Warren Zevon.


R.U.O.K - Blood[edit]

Author: clownpendotfart

A music video of Blood to the song "Blood" by RUOK from the album Arctic Warmth.


Blood | my dying time[edit]

Author: Trish Evans

A music video of Blood to the song "My Dying Time" by Black Label Society from the album Catacombs of the Black Vatican.


Blood (1997) - Love You To Death[edit]

Author: TheRetroMantic

Inspired by the song's inclusion on the game's disc, a music video featuring Blood and "Love You to Death" by Type O Negative.


Blood (Empty Promises)[edit]

Author: LifeKILLED - G. Kabanov

A music video of BloodCM to the song "Blood (Empty Promises)" by Papa Roach from the album Getting Away with Murder.


Blood with Commentary[edit]

Author: DanishDBZ

A Bloodbath with commentary and song tracks including "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors.


Blood 2: The Chosen (Strangers in the Night)[edit]

Author: WygrzewPL

A collection of Blood II: The Chosen screamshots featuring Frank Sinatra singing "Strangers in the Night", with Caleb accompanying.


Monolith Blood 1 Trailer, an Gothic game![edit]

Author: KNUKEblood

Twenty minute long trailer showing singe-player and bloodbath gameplay, MapEdit efforts and various other things to various gothic music tracks.


caleb's remix - Blood soundtrack[edit]

Uploader: Paul Hunter

A remix music piece originally by Thomas Fiedler featuring Caleb one-liners that has been posted around since the PlanetBlood days (as well as Bloodsong2).


Another version was uploaded by Retina Desgastada which features moving screamshots.


Caleb Blood Tribute[edit]

Author: Calebmonolith

A tribute to the character of Caleb featuring "Hellraiser" by Ozzy Osborne.

Later had its audio stripped due to a copyright complaint.

Link: (Blood Wiki backup)

Caleb dream of the past[edit]

Author: Kung Vanargand

A dramatic compilation of Blood clips to game music by the creator of Blood: Resurrection of Evil.


BLOOD: Caleb Bosszúja / Caleb Revenge[edit]

Author: metzi8

A dramatic tribute to Caleb's quest for revenge during the events of Blood.


Blood 2: The Chosen Music Video[edit]

Author: Chaos13666

A mash-up of the game's soundtrack with video of the game.


BLOOD Tribute[edit]

Author: RedheadMetalC

A fast paced montage tribute to Blood using various music cues.


Blood 1 Tribute (Monolith Productions)[edit]

Author: Oszkár

Another fancier fast paced montage tribute to Blood.




Duke versus Caleb[edit]

Author: Darkone1349

Main Article: Duke versus Caleb

Blood: Caleb VS the Cabal[edit]

Author: Diclonius Gigan

Stick figure animation featuring Caleb slaying stick figure cultists while saying various one-liners from the Blood games.

Featuring "Blood Song 2" from Planet Blood.


Blood: Caleb Remix[edit]

Author: Diclonius Gigan

A continuation of Caleb VS the Cabal, with more killing and more one-liners.

Featuring the song "Caleb Remix" by Thomas Fiedler on Planet Blood.


Sing along with Caleb from Blood[edit]

Author: Diclonius Gigan

Stick figure Caleb slays cultists while signing various lyrics from songs.


My First Animation[edit]

Author: SmokingSumSoup

A short animation test featuring Caleb.


Caleb from Blood meets Scanty & Kneesocks[edit]

Author: Дмитрий Романов

Caleb faces the antagonists from the infamously weird Gainax anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.


Caleb vs Ladd[edit]

Author: BaccanoTehAbridged

A battle clip from the anime Baccano! overdubbed with the voices of gaming's greatest trench-coated killers: Caleb and the Postal Dude.


SFM Caleb From Blood Test Animation[edit]

Author: Christian Bennedbæk

3D animation of Caleb laughing maniacally.


Live Action[edit]

Blood movie trailers[edit]


A mock trailer for a Blood movie posted on June 15, 2008.

Link: (defunct)

Author: bloodrunsclear

Another mock trailer for a Blood movie posted on June 16, 2009.


blood 3 - gameplay test[edit]

Author: Gekkology

A homage to Blood mixing in a little live-action.


Caleb Poster[edit]


See Also: List of Fan Art#Caleb Poster

Author: RedheadMetalC

Video showing a fan art poster of Caleb.

Link: (defunct)

My Blood Comic[edit]

My Blood Comic snapshot

Author: Tekedon

A short comic by David Wikström depicted panel by panel in a manner alike to a motion comic with panning and applied sound effects. It then shows a shot showing all of the panels at once.



Sketching Caleb from Blood on Wacom DTF 512 PL 512[edit]

Finished sketch

Author: David Henning

A sketch of Caleb drawn out on a Wacom DTF 512 PL 512 graphics tablet in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on Windows 8.


Speedpainting Caleb from Blood (game of 1997)[edit]

Speedpainting Caleb

Author: Diego Velázquez

A video digital speed-painting of Caleb to the song "Climbing Up The Walls" by Radiohead.


Final Image: (Blood Wiki image)

Final BLOOD[edit]


A computer case designed in homage to Blood.


BLOOD - Video Game Short Film (2011)[edit]

Author: DeathFilmProductions

A three minute long live action short-film inspired by Blood, similar to Blood: Resurrection of Evil.


Having some fun doing the "caleb/stephan weyte" voice[edit]

Author: Tekedon

An imitation of Stephan Weyte doing the voice of Caleb by David Wikström.


New One-liners:

Caleb (One Unit Whole Blood) - Original Voice[edit]

Author: DukeNukem2417

Another imitation of Stephan Weyte doing the voice of Caleb, inspired by the synopsis in the Blood manual/help file.


Blood (Caleb Voice over vr2)[edit]

Author: Phsik Syko Z

Yet another imitation of Stephan Weyte doing the voice of Caleb over a playthrough of E1M1: Cradle to Grave in BloodCM.



MEXalych's Videos[edit]

Author: MEXalych

Related Forum Thread:


A short 3D animation test featuring Caleb and the song "Hallowed Fields" by Rift from Planet Blood.


Dancing Caleb (BLOOD)

A short Flash animation featuring Caleb.


Смешарики - Первая кровь (FIRST BLOOD)

Outside animation (children's show Smesharik) with bloodiness superimposed on top of it.

Link: (defunct)

Unholy Voices (ЛЕЛЬ-22)

A creepy Soviet synthesizer rendition of "Unholy Voices" from Blood.



A video showing off various pieces of Blood fan art.


Blood II: The Chosen - Alternate Ending[edit]

Author: The Blood Wiki

A comedic alternate ending for Blood II: The Chosen.


One Unit Whole Blood - Zombie Spies[edit]

Author: WolfZword

While exploring the Great Temple, Caleb is attacked by a group of Axe Zombies which seem to have been express-mailed from Mystery, Alaska.


Hatred : Blood edition[edit]

Author: Has-Audom Moy

Gideon's opening narration for Blood II and then Caleb overdubbed on top of the controversial game Hatred.


Blood: History of The Remakes[edit]

Author: Earth is Chillin'

A comparison of the accuracy of the various attempted Blood remakes: Transfusion, ZBlood and BloodCM.


Best 1998 Video Games[edit]

Author: VideoGameGemsChannel

Compilation of video games released in 1998, with Blood II at 12:43 (Shogo at 5:40).


Haunted Gaming - Blood: The Nightmare (CREEPYPASTA)[edit]

Author: SomeOrdinaryGamers

A creepypasta (or Internet horror tale) about Blood.


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