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"BloodLines was to be the most ambitious total conversion ever created for Blood. It still is, but it's far from what was intended. We have admitted that BloodLines will never be fully completed and have decided to release the TC "as is" with some retouching to make incomplete maps actually playable. I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Be aware though, that not all maps are what you would expect from a Blood level, it's not all bloody mayhem. Don't be disappointed if the TC doesn't fit your ideas about how a 3d-shooter should be, much of it is about atmosphere rather than action, you will benefit from approaching BloodLines with an open mind. This is the beta version of the first three episodes, including 13 maps, two new enemies and loads of new art and sound."

BloodLines (or Blood Lines) is an old add-on project hosted by Planet Blood. In it you take the role of a failed writer named Maximilian "Max" Dunkel, who attempts to commit suicide after never actually writing his much anticipated upcoming book.

Before he can do it however, he is approached by a man in the black suit representing "Prospero Publishing", who hands him an eerie typewriter to finish the book. Grateful, Max asks him what he can do to repay him, and the man in the black suite asks him to do "one small thing" for him.

It was one of the first major Blood add-ons to feature new multimedia assets, requiring the, at least temporary, overwriting of existing ones. This technique was later used in add-ons such as Bloody Pulp Fiction. The beta release featured thirteen levels spread over three episodes.


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The development team behind the project operated under the name Necrosoft, and contained many otherwise well known mappers.

Link: The Asylum

Beta Release[edit]

Prior to this final release, a demo version was sent out on September 18, 1998 featuring "The Madhouse" by Alexandre Vancomerbeck (aka Hades).

Episode 1: Reality Bites[edit]

  • ble1l1: The Madhouse - Alexandre Vancomerbeck (aka Hades)
  • ble1l2: Dark Cathedral - Craig L. Ducket
  • ble1l3: Epidemic - Matt Mann (aka DaMann)
  • ble1l4: Highway to Hell - Felix Drott
  • ble1l5: The City on the Edge of Dreams - Michael Shire (aka Micho)

Episode 2: Perchance to Dream[edit]

  • ble2l1: Wide Awake in Dreamland - Alexandre Vancomerbeck (aka Hades)
  • ble2l2: The Twilight Zone - Felix Drott
  • ble2l3: Nightmare at 15fps - Felix Drott
  • ble2l4: Gallery of Dreams - Felix Drott

Episode 3: Ashes to Ashes[edit]

Sin Campaign[edit]

A four level add-on that partially builds on from BloodLines by Matthew “Daedalus” Kallis, founder of The Postmortem and creator of Rage Against the Machine.

  • SinC01: The Plot Sickens - for Plasma Pak
  • SinC02: Hall of the Dreaming God - for Plasma Pak
  • SinC03: Sky Rage - for BloodLines
  • SinC04: Chateau Darkfrost - for BloodLines



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